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05.19.2016 - Erin Slaughter, "Tricks Of The Light" (fiction), Regan Gudal, "After Sex With A Man Who Lives In Georgia" and "Before You Leave For Colorado" (poetry)

06.05.2016 - Danila Mokhonko, "Mustard" and "XO" (poetry)

06.12.2016 - Hadley Arden, "Invoice" (fiction), Kelly Neal, "Could" and "Whither" (poetry)

06.26.2016 - Dan Metzger, "Ten Percent" (fiction), Monica Beaujon, "Sulk", "Infinite" and "Onward" (poetry)

07.24.2016 - R.E. Hengsterman, "Hash" and "Before Me" (fiction), Richard King Perkins II , "Elsewhere" and "Terminal At Chula Vista" (poetry)

07.31.2016 - Chris Dungey, "Liberty" (fiction), Terry Barr, "From Her Big Brass Bed" (non-fiction)

08.07.2016 - Katarina Boudreaux, "The Lightness In Age" (fiction)James Croal Jackson, "At The Mar Vista Public Library", "Guys Who Lie About Being Terminally Ill" and "Dogs" (poetry)

08.14.2016 - Donal Mahoney, "He'd Rather Be A Carrion Than A Vulture" (non-fiction), Robert Beveridge, "Dennis", "Hated" and "Sign Language" (poetry)

08.21.2016 - Steve Carr, "An Olfactory Life" (fiction), Mark J. Mitchell - "Late Night" and "One California Bus" (poetry)

08.28.2016 - Joey Cruse, "My Nature's Plague" (fiction), Seth Jani - "Shell" and "The Human Shadow Is Quite Big" (poetry)

09.05.2016 - Andy Tu, "An Ugly Kind Of Beautiful" (fiction), Michael Neal Morris - "A Niche In The Fundamentals (non-fiction), Justin Hilliard - "Drunk Was The Night", "promises and pinkie swears", and "what do you want to be when you grow up?" (poetry)

09.19.2016 - Antoine Bargel, "Third Date First" (fiction)

09.25.2016 - Miles Varana, "Milwaukee" (fiction)

10.02.2016 - Nathan C. Zackroff, "Tin Soldiers" (fiction)

10.09.2016 - Lena Ziegler, "The Declaration Of Repentance" (fiction)

10.30.2016 - JD DeHart, "Pluck" (poetry)

11.20.2016 - Andria Nealis, "Another Passing Train" (non-fiction)

11.27.2016 - Charles H. Hunter, "Anamnesis" (fiction)

12.04.2016 - Michael A. Ferro, "Can't Go Back Inside" (fiction)

01.08.2017 - Liam Lowth, "Salmon Run" (fiction)

01.15.2017 - Jonathan Phin, "Sprinklered Tears" (fiction)

01.22.2017 - Sean Skulski, "Brunch With Judas" (fiction)

01.29.2017 - Alex Rezdan, "That Moment When Time Stopped" (fiction)

02.05.2017 - Antoine Bargel, "Further Ado" (fiction)

02.26.2017 - Ashley Bird, "Back On The Hill" (fiction)

03.05.2017 - Rylee Langton, "Don't Ask Me" (non-fiction)

03.19.2017 - David Rodriguez, "The McMurdo Dry Valleys" (poetry)

03.26.2017 - Alan Swyer, "Dating" (fiction)

04.02.2017 - David Haight, "Federal Express Blues" (fiction)

04.09.2017 - Matthew Dobson, "The Alcoholic" and "Thaw" (poetry)

04.16.2017 - Dylan Taylor, "The Un-Return" (fiction)

NOTE: Beginning in June 2017, Viewfinder will now go to monthly contributors instead of weekly.

June 2017 - Salena Casha, "The House That Tina Built" (fiction), Rica Lewis, "Choosing An Outfit" (poetry)

July 2017 - Addey Vaters, "Truth" (fiction), Amber D. Tran, "Mantra", "Bottom of the Bucket", and "Hang" (poetry)

August 2017 - Christopher Woods, "Let Go" (fiction), Carlo Thomas, "Backfire" (fiction), Matt Dennison - "Indictment" and "Gallop the Bred Horses" (poetry), Alison Traweek, "Room Enough, Road Enough" and "Dry Father" (poetry)

September 2017 - Sam Baldassari, "Remember Your Death" (fiction), P.J. Sambeaux, "Nikki Strong: A Memoir" (non-fiction)

October 2017 - M.J. Wolfson"The Unspoken" (fiction)

November 2017 - (no issue)

December 2017 - Rasmenia Massoud, "Hummingbird's Monster" (fiction), Isaac Simons, "Something's Wrong" (fiction), Daniel Davis, "Everyone Knows What We Bring" (fiction), Valerie Ruberto, "Soak", "Mirrors", and "Permanence" (poetry), Alejandro Perez, "Backpack of Reveries" (poetry)