Rica Lewis - "Choosing An Outfit"


They’re burning your body today,

Cramming the flesh-bone heap of you

Into a brick oven

Like a cold lump of meat,

A pot roast after church.


Nine A.M.

The clock ticks new jabs,

A suckerpunch every second without you.

I stand at the wide mouth of my closet,

Everything showing its teeth,

Threatening to swallow.


How does a woman choose

A tunic or a sweater?  

The dress I wore to dinner

When your eyes swam with mine

In the salty oceans of our time,

All our time.


You will wear metal today,

Pewter and brass,

Brushed finish,

A cruel trophy for the mantel.  

And I will wear

This dripping wound,

And perhaps this sweater

Or maybe the tunic.


Rica Lewis is a magazine staff writer for a lifestyle magazine in The Villages, Florida. She blogs to stay balanced at Yoga Mat Monkey.com , and is currently working on a collection of poems and essays.