Danila Mokhonko - "Mustard" and "XO"


she likes to
be loud
with her friends
whom I dislike. 
a love for speech
and interest
in emotional states
of the surrounding people. 

addicted to nicotine,
unfortunate preference of tea;
the sort I’d never drink.
and clothing color
(which always ends up being
a mix of black
and red)
based off
the location of stars
in the night sky.

headed for a fall
with the current activities
she tends to partake in:
c)no sleep schedule-
but it’s fine
as long as she can find her man
before I find her
walking outside
in the cold
wearing another coat
that doesn’t belong to her.

for some idiotic reason
I seem to still
miss her. 


my thanks go out
to the partner in crime
that holds his hand
and discusses all the annoying things
they dislike, together; 
hatred is an underrated emotion
which they share so lovingly.

my thanks go out
to the muse, the inspiration
that drives the words
and glues them into sentences;
can’t be a writer
without something to write about.

my thanks go out
to the Queen of Scots,
the unforgettable
in a world of fading memories;
his entire being
is one blurry train-wreck,
accompanied by an excess
of coffee, tea and painkillers.

my thanks go out
to a curly-haired girl
that takes the time
and has a conversation
with a sleepless fuck
at 3:30 AM; 
you’ve put a genuine smile on his face, 
and showing that set of teeth
really suits him. 

From the author herself: "I am a student, putting most of the effort into writing my blog. Influenced heavily by the works of Charles Bukowski, Jim Morrison, Allen Ginsberg, along with many musicians such as John Frusciante and Syd Barrett. In a perfect world I'd like to be a musician whose diet consists of cigarettes and vinyls, waking up when it's dark and rarely stepping outside."